//  Big Government  //  Apr 16 2014

Facing Resignation Calls, Mississippi GOP Chairman Sounds Off in Emails about 'These People'

The chairman of the Mississippi GOP, Joe Nosef,  reacted angrily to Tea Party groups calling for his resignation this week, accusing one local activist…
 //  Big Government  //  Apr 16 2014

Mayor Julian Castro to Obama: Grant Temporary Amnesty to Family Members of DREAMers

San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro wants President Barack Obama to give temporary amnesty to illegal immigrants whose family members are U.S. citizens. Castro,…
 //  Big Government  //  Apr 15 2014

Boylston Street Evacuated as Two Backpacks Discovered Near Boston Marathon Finish Line

BOSTON (CBS)—The area near the finish line of the Boston Marathon was evacuated Tuesday night after two unattended backpacks were left at the finish…
 //  Big Government  //  Apr 15 2014

NYPD Disbands Muslim Surveillance Program

On April 15th the New York Police Department (NYPD) announced that its Muslim surveillance unit had been disbanded. The surveillance unit came "under fire…
 //  Big Government  //  Apr 15 2014

Ohioans Against Common Core Make Standards a Primary Election Issue

A group of Ohio grassroots activists who want the Common Core standards repealed in their state is taking the issue to their legislators and letting them…
 //  Maria Santos  //  Apr 15 2014

Happy Hour Links: Nice Guys

The nicest homicidal white supremacist. Democrats’ “cynical” turn to race-baiting.
 //  Big Government  //  Apr 15 2014

Heartbleed, the NSA, and the President's 'Loophole'

The NSA has been ordered to report major software bugs to developers so they can be fixed, but it still has leeway to exploit them first in some cases.…
 //  Big Government  //  Apr 15 2014

Holder Asks Congress for $15 Million, Claims Shootings on the Rise

On April 15th, Attorney General Eric Holder asked Congress to approve $15 million that can be used to prepare for shooting incidents, which he claims are…
 //  Big Government  //  Apr 15 2014

Democrats Tout Lackluster CBO Obamacare Report as Evidence of Success

A new report by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) finds that health insurance costs will continue to rise under Obamacare while offering individuals…
 //  Big Government  //  Apr 15 2014

IRS Backs Down on Strict Limits on Tax-Exempt Groups

As the IRS targeting scandal grew, in an effort to help the taxing agency put an end to political activism, government operatives decided it was necessary…